Monday, June 22, 2009


A Whirlwind Trip to Trana

I just flew back home from Toronto.

(Boy, are my arms tired!) Pah-dum-pum!

It was a whirlwind visit.

I had received an email two weeks ago from a producer with Corus, the independent Canadian TV network. She wanted to know if I would be interested in being on a serious news program to be on a panel to talk about UFOs. I said sure, and then she gave me a call. She wanted to know, “Are you planning to be in Toronto next week?” In a word, no. She sounded disappointed, but that’s showbiz.

But it didn’t end there. Talking with my wife about it, she suggested that we might be able to afford a trip to Toronto for me, and that while there I could meet with my publisher, visit friends, buy her a birthday present, etc. Naturally, I agreed. I went online, found a seat sale and booked the flight. I called the producer back and told her I could do it. Done.

Then a few days later, I learned what the show really was about. The host, Arlene Bynon, an award-winning radio host, has her own TV series on iChannel, a cable all-news channel. The series, called “@issue” has been running for a while and tackles some heavy subjects as a rule. But apparently Bynon spoke with Steve Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group several weeks ago on radio, and was intrigued with the whole government UFO cover-up thing. So, she picked the topic:

Aliens - Have they visited us? A group of notable scientists and researchers is presently petitioning Barack Obama’s government to reveal information that confirms that Earth has been visited on numerous occasions by extra terrestrials. Join us on @issue as we look at whether E.T. is a hoax, or, if not, just what the ramifications of such an announcement might be.

The guests would be myself, Steve Bassett, and the Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence. I had actually recommended Errol Bruce-Knapp, who lives in Toronto, as a guest, but they never called him at all. So, it had been set up to focus on Bassett’s disclosure ideas before even asking me.

I think many of you know that I’m not a fan of the whole government UFO disclosure thing. Not that I don’t think governments should come clean about their UFO files, but I doubt they ever will. Bassett has been asking people to write letters to Congress and to Obama directly, demanding the cover-up of UFOs be stopped immediately. His latest idea, the “million fax on Washington”, is designed to put more pressure on the American government.

Bassett cautioned the American government that if they didn’t “come clean” by June 1, then “another country” would beat them to it. And then how would that look? Well, since no other country has blown the whistle (Bassett mentioned France, Britain and Canada specifically), then it sure doesn’t seem to me like any one of them will.

Bassett argues that he has found many private individuals, including some ex-military, who claim that they have inside information that the US government is hiding the truth about UFOs and aliens. One of these is Paul Hellyer, who certainly was in a position to know about such things. He was even head of Defence when Stefan Michalak was burned by a flying saucer at Falcon lake in 1967, and the RCAF, USAF and other officials investigated.

However, Hellyer says that at the time, he simply was not interested in UFOs, and therefore has no insight into what the Canadian military was doing about UFOs at the time.


However, after retirement, Hellyer was at his cottage in Muskoka one year when he found a copy of Philip Corso’s UFO book The Day After Roswell as summer reading. He was riveted to the point he became impassioned.

Among other things, as a former military officer in the 1940s, Corso claimed that he had been privy to top secret material about UFOs, including the underground installations where aliens from the crashed Roswell saucer were kept alive (and dead). Corso also claimed that when the Americans pored over the crashed saucer, they were able to use the technology to develop things like lasers, fibre optics, Kevlar, transistors, etc.

The trouble is, Corso said a lot of things in his book that were not true or were outright wrong. He had the definition of a laser wrong, for example. Let alone the fact that lasers were already theoretically understood by physicists long before Roswell. Einstein’s work laid the foundation for lasers and there were physics papers about them in the 1920s. Light transmission within tubes was demonstrated in the 1920s too.

Corso made some wild claims about UFOs in his book, strange enough that most serious ufologists distance themselves from it. Like, the USA was at war with the aliens and managed to reach a peace pact.

Hellyer spoke to a former general in the USAF and asked him about Corso’s UFO claims. He was told “every word is true… and more.” Of course, Hellyer refuses to disclose the name of his informant, to protect him. So, I asked Hellyer, why should the USA disclose the “UFO secret?”

Part Two of the Trana Trip coming soon!
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