Monday, June 22, 2009


Whirlwind Trip to Trana, Part 2

When I left off, I was writing about my visit to the CORUS TV set where I was a guest on iChannel with Steve Bassett and Paul Hellyer to talk about UFOs. Actually, about aliens being here on Earth and the cover-up of their presence. That clarification hadn’t been conveyed to me before I had already bought by ticket.

So, when host Arlene Bynon turned to me on air and asked me, “So what do the aliens want?”, I wasn’t sure what to say. I could have just walked off the set, I suppose, but then I would have just been edited out of the show. I think I simply blinked, then said, “Well, there are many science fiction stories that describe such scenarios.” Bynon quickly went to Hellyer for a comment. He waxed at leangth about how the aliens are trying to convey a message to mankind that we should not use nuclear weapons, stop polluting the Earth, and so forth. Since he isn’t familiar with UFO literature, he wasn’t aware that contactees have been stating the same thing since about 1950.

I don’t think Steve liked my saying later that I didn’t think there would be any disclosure any time soon, million faxes or no million faxes. Curiously, Hellyer echoed my belief, doubting that there will be disclosure but arguing that it is vital that it occur.

Steve also praised Grant Cameron on air, calling him the finest ufologist since sliced bread (or something like that) for his persistence in document retrieval. Steve praised my investigations and research, and I gave him kudos for his dedication to the cause.

Bynon did plug my book quite extensively throughout the show, making my publisher very happy.

The show will air something in the fall/winter of 2009/10.

Then it was off to visit The Dundurn Group, my publishing house. I found the right streetcar to get me downtown from CORUS and found them just off Front Street in downtown Toronto, on the fifth floor of a business block. The offices are well-appointed, and after I was met by Beth Bruder, I was taken into the board room where I met everyone else and talked about my upcoming book. The staff seemed very sharp with a variety of skill sets, and were eager to meet me, and I felt comfortable to be there. (This was the first time I had actually been in the Dundurn offices, having previously just discussed and negotiated through email and phone calls.)

Following my Dundurn visit I went for lunch. Their offices are not far from the St. Lawrence Market, so I zipped in there and discovered far too many choices. What to pick? I settled on a swordfish sandwich from Buster’s Seafood Cave, and was not disappointed.

From there, I was able to hail a cab that got me to Scarborough, where I dropped in on Errol Bruce-Knapp and his partner Bobbi. Errol is the Grand Master of Ufology, having run the UFO Updates listserv since (gasp!) 1996. he himself was previously very active in ufology, investigating cases and doing in-depth research, but he has also been the host of an excellent radio show on CFRB about UFOs, and now also the host of podcasts on the subject on

It was great to see him and Bobbi again. However, Bobbi has been very ill and was confined to a hospital bed when I saw her during my visit.

I am sad to say that she lasted only a few more days, passing away yesterday. Errol feels very lost without her, and I thoughts are with him at this time. I encouraged him to take a break and not to worry about the UFO discussion list. The UFOs will wait.

Part 3 coming soon
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