Monday, June 22, 2009


What the heck? UFOs in Quebec?

For some reason, Quebec has had a big increase in reported UFOs this year, at the apparent expense of the rest of Canada. Recently a flurry there has caught my attention:

* May 21, 2009: A photo submitted to MUFON shows a black speck in a daytime blue sky.
* May 21, 2009, Montreal: 30 claimed photos of UFOs described to OVNI-Alerte, but not received by them yet
* May 21, 2009, Montreal: Photos of chemtrails supposedly show a UFO making them (no photos available yet)
* May 24, 2009, Kahnawake, 9:30 pm: White light going east stopped overhead. Descended, got closer, making no noise, then sped off east again and vanished within 5 seconds
* May 27, 2009, Magog, 2:30 am: Bright light in east, not moving during long period of observation. Francois Bourbeau explained this as Jupiter.
* May 28, 2009, Escoumins, 8:45 pm: A purple boomerang-shaped object was seen by two witnesses for five minutes.
* June 1, 2009, St-Marc-en-Richelieu, 3:55 am: Another stationary bright light observed, for one hour.
* June 4, 2009, Sainte-Julie, 9:45 pm: Bright white light far ahead of driver, going south at high speed (the light not the car). Vanished in 5 seconds, but witness insisted it was not a shooting star.
* June 4, 2009, Sorel-Tracy, 9:45 pm: At the exact same time, a brilliant green light appeared to some witnesses, vanishing quickly. These two cases sound like bolides (fireballs).
* June 5, 2009, Saint-Constant, evening: An object described as “red/black in center” with “fire all around” was seen in the north.

That’s ten sightings in about two weeks, enough to qualify as a flap. Only a few seem unusual, and only one (Escoumins) could benefit from an in-depth investigation. If the rate of Quebec reports keeps up, they would get about 250 reports this year - a definite record.
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