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Recent Canadian UFO Reports

Although my last post was about a dearth of Canadian UFO reports, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any reports at all.

In my survey of recently posted reports and received info, I have come across some interesting things. The following report was from someone who simply noted he was in Saskatchewan. The date was May 16, 2009:

I seen [it] flying South to north. Made no sounds wasnt super high in the sky. Was about 15-20 times brighter then say jupiter. Went in straight line. From one horizon to the other in about 1minute. I check a program Satscape and nothing in my area should of passed with that brightness ever in the first place. And nothing that fast. ISS usually takes 4-6 minutes. Also I know planes make noise of some kind. Plus No blinking lights just constaint brightness. Oh this was about 10:02pm

Then, about the same date, another person noted:

over the past three or four nights, I have had several sightings of a golden ball that moves silently across the sky in a northeast direction, and which occasionally stops and then lifts slowly straight upwards, then lowers straight down again to resume its previous position, sometimes doing this several times in a row before continuing on northward. It looks to be quite low in the sky (i.e., not a satellite), is relatively large (not a star… plus moving across large portions of the sky in a smooth but relatively fast motion), does not descend or have a tail (not a meteor or meteorite nor any kind of space junk), and does not have flashing lights of any kind, nor the variation of colored lights seen on small aircraft, and it makes absolutely no sound what-so-ever, so not a helicopter nor conventional aircraft of any kind. I am not sure what it is, but it seems to be intelligently piloted, and I get the distinct impression at times that it is playing hide and seek with me, especially when it bobs in and out of the tree-line, which makes it virtually impossible to take a photograph. It has been suggested to me that I carry my Nikon digital camera with me at all times from now on, and I plan to do so in an attempt to capture it the next time I see it, but … and you’ll think me strange, I’m sure!… I feel like it’s here for me… to show itself to me!… and possibly even to convey a message of some sort, though to date I’ve received none.

It always amazes me that many witnesses believe they have been singled out by the aliens for some purpose. That’s apart from the fact that most people see objects that are only lights in the night sky and are actually planes or satellites, despite rationalizations otherwise.

Another person simply noted:

I’m in Saskatchewan and last night (May 17, 2009) I witnessed several objects at around 1 am. They were travelling from north-west to south-east. I was using my Bushnell Astralis 15×70 binoculars.

Without knowing exactly where he or she was located, I looked up possible satellite tracks for 1 am on May 17 (or 18) and found some that may have been overhead within 20 minutes of 1 am. Is that close enough? Satellites fly NW-SE, so that’s feasible. The other possibility is that these were high-altitude aircraft, I suppose.

Lights moving high in the sky are difficult UFOs to deal with. Not because they can’t easily be explained, but because they could be literally anything.

Here’s a case from May 19, 2009, from London, Ontario, sent to MUFON:

I was at home, looking up into the sky in the evening, and saw 4 white lights, quickly moving from south to north. I first noticed them when they were almost directly overhead, and lost sight of them when they reached the horizon, about 3 seconds later. The 4 lights appeared to be connected as one object; they were very close together, and in a row perpendicular to the direction of travel. There was no sound. They were moving much faster than satellites appear to be moving. They were unlike any airplanes I have seen (moving too quickly; no sound; traveling in an unusual direction for the area). I would like to know how to find out what it might have been.

This sounds a lot like the International Space Station. However, while it was visible from London that night at almost the exact time given (22:45), it would have been low in the north, going west to east, not south to north. And while it might look like 4 lights close together (with panels and the shuttle), this doesn’t sound like a good fit. Was it therefore a fleet of aliens scout ships, or simply high flying planes or a flock of Iridiums?

On May 20, 2009, I received a report of a UFO over Oyster River, BC. A witness had seen “lights traveling in multiple directions very high,” and that one had shone a light at the witness for “a split second.” This was at 3:00 am that morning. CFB Comox added a note that a Cormorant helicopter had been up a few hours earlier, but a check found that it landed at 2350 hrs May 19, nowhere near Oyster River. I spoke with the witness and found him quite articulate, but didn’t really have anything else to add to the report. “Just some lights,” he told me.

A mixed bag, to be sure.
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