Monday, February 09, 2009


A few new Canadian UFO reports

The MUFON website had two newly-reported Canadian UFO sightings today. the first was from last night, Sunday, February 8, 2009, at 1745 local time, in Kenora, Ontario:

Suffering a headache, I went outside to get some air, and just happened to gaze up at the bright star in the west, which might be mars, I don't really know. As I was standing there, a much smaller light came into my field of view, and steadily moved across the night sky, passing the bright star. Just past there, it dipped slightly, twice, then slowly raised to the original trajectory. The object was not flashing, as the aircraft that normally pass over do. It was MUCH further up than any aircraft I've ever seen. This was not an airplane, helicopter, or anything else we fly about with. The object continued across the sky, until it was just too far away to see. I was surprised to see this object, but I stood there watching, half expecting it to start flashing like an airplane. It never did, and I watched until it was gone, then went inside, sat down, and told my husband what I saw.

Assuming the time given is right, there were a few candidate satellites visible around that time, including a bright 3.5 mag Lacrosse at 1757 local. Could be.

The other case is from last year (which meant I had to go back and add one more case to the 2008 Canadian UFO Survey database, after I had already submitted the data to Geoff Dittman for crunching). The sighting occurred on November 20, 2008, at about midnight, over Toronto. It's curious mostly because it was a visual/photo case:

I was with a friend at the time in the Delta Suites Hotel, downtown Toronto when I noticed a bright light that looked like a star but was much bigger and very close as you can see. It was impossible to make out the shape with naked eye but it was clear that this star like object was not supposed to be there so I took my friends camera and zoomed in for this shot. I knew it was something unusual and have still not figured out what it is.Some of my friends have seen the pic but we are not sure what it is so I posted it on that site. The object remained in place for more than 45 minutes and then slowly drifted towards to the right and out of site.

The sighting description sounds like a star or planet, but the photo doesn't match the description. In fact, it does look like a saucer, doesn't it?

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