Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Venus, if you will...

I made a guy somewhat upset yesterday.

It was all very innocent and unintended, mind you.

Occasionally, I get a call from a UFO witness who is absolutely convinced that what he or she saw was a giant spacecraft. Sometimes, the witnesses even think "they" are watching or monitoring them, often all night.

This was one of those instances.

A fellow in Flin Flon, Manitoba, called on January 20 to say that the previous evening, Monday, January 19, 2009, he had watched a brilliant UFO in the night sky. It seems that the same or similar object has been seen by him and others in the area for several weeks, always in the same place in the sky each night.

He said that on January 19, the bright object was already in the sky by 5:30 pm as the Sun went down, and it remained in the sky for several hours. He had approached other people that night and called it to their attention, and said they also thought it was something unusual.

I asked him if the object was in the South or West and he said yes, so I told him it is likely Venus, very prominent in the sky this month. He was taken aback. "There's no way this is Venus," he stated. "It's clearly a spacecraft in orbit."

He explained that after several hours, by about 8 pm, the object "zooms away" at high speed and is lost to sight. If true, this is obviously not Venus. But then, and here's the kicker, the same or similar "spaceship" comes back and appears again in the southern sky and stays there until morning.

So, I checked the star charts for Flin Flon, and sure enough, Venus sets about 8 pm but Saturn rises and is visible later in the evening.

I was very patient with this witness, who desperately wanted to believe that he was seeing something odd, and was not fooled by an ordinary planet. I asked him if he saw Venus as well as the UFO, which would have clinched it. He couldn't "remember if it was there."

He was very upset that I seemed not to believe him. He insisted that the UFO was something "10 or 20 times higher than airplanes fly" and was high in the atmosphere, keeping an eye on us.

The witness also noted that he brought out his telescope and watched the UFO through it, showing the view to others as well. he said that through his Tasco with a 20mm eyepiece the UFO looked like a "bright circle with a bite taken out of it." In other words, it wasn't in focus and the telescope's optics aren't aligned properly.

I really sympathized with the man. I wanted him to realize that even if it's not a UFO that observing Venus is still an amazing experience. But my mere suggestion that it might be something banal was offensive to him.

This comes, of course, just a week after I handled several other reports of UFOs that were likely Venus as well, reported from other parts of Canada. On the one hand, it's great that people are looking into the sky with a sense of wonder, some of them equipped with technology such as telescopes, cell phones and digital cameras. But without the knowledge of what might be seen in the sky on a regular basis - that the heavens are indeed wonderful and worth observing - the experience is lost to the observer and replaced by wish fulfilment.
He probably saw this..we have been witnessing this object for 8 months in So Cal. We have every atlas and starmap known to man...
Here is some research. Feel free to contact me if you desire. IRAN Holland Bromsgrove, UK Trelleborg, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Norway Fremont, CA Pasadena, CA Costa Rica

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Metallic Object
Don't know, LeBriz. he was definitely watching Venus up here. Not sure what you've been seeing in CA.
Me too I have been watching Venus, it does twinkle very brightly and I was also thinking maybe its a ship in orbit.
Some people were telling me they thought it may be the space station.
What it looks like to me when its super bright is a red ball of light with two bright white lights on either side.
I always get some interesting pictures of it. I wasn't sure what it was for years. I asked lots of people, thank goodness Chris was able to settle that for me :)
I was thinking maybe it was Arcturus. Now I had seen another object around October.
I thought it was a bright star (to the north/west) but it began to slowly fade so I figured it was a plane flying away from me which only appeared to sit still in the sky before it began to slowly fade... but it never completely vanished for a few more hours. Maybe Venus again just in a different place at a different time of year.
Does anyone know why Venus acts in that way, sending of an incredible light show at times?
I wonder who lives there? :)
~ Jenn
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