Wednesday, November 05, 2008


UFO? A photo of an "old-fashioned" flying saucer

During my cruise of the net for interesting new UFO cases, I came across a report to MUFON that was posted today (Wednesday November 5, 2008), but which occurred in July.

It's a photo case, not usually the most reliable, but it intrigued me. The poster noted:
Found this while looking through photos taken on trip out west in July. Driving through Rockies on our way to Banff. Never noticed it at time. Object is above mountain peak and to the right.

He then noted:
Photo is in original format so you can enlarge. Maybe you can identify it?

Now this was interesting. There's no question that the object, photographed about 1:30 pm, was a great distance away from the observer. The camera resolution is excellent, and it's possible to blow up the image without losing all quality and rendering it into nothing but pixels.

Usually, photos like this that are submitted to UFO sites (or "experts") are unresolvable or turn out to be seagulls or insects. (That's the case of a video submitted from Vernon, BC, of a "fleet of Orbs" on November 2, 2008, and posted to YouTube.) What's remarkable is that the shape of the object in this photo has a familiar shape. It's a "classic" flying saucer, similar to some others, such as:

It's nothing fancy. Not like the silly FX creations of spacecraft over Haiti and Mexico, hyped on YouTube and elsewhere over the past several years.

And that's what's interesting about it.

The original, full shot. The UFO is a little dot above the mountain peak.

The enlargement, showing the hat-shaped "saucer":

Rotated and enhanced:

So there you have it: an old-fashioned flying saucer.


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