Saturday, October 11, 2008


Manitoba Comic Con

We went as a family to the Comic Con at the Convention Centre. It took up the entire main floor, with tables and booths stretching far in every direction. I'm sure that American cons and much bigger, but Winnipeg, this was very remarkable.

In the far corner, John Delancie (better known as "Q") was answering fan questions about specific episodes of Star Trek. At a table near the centre of the hall, Lou Ferrigno (the original Hulk) was signing autographs. Surrounding everything were rows and rows of hucksters selling everything from t-shorts to Frankenstein heads and life-size Yodas. This was perhaps the largest SF collectible display in Winnipeg since WorldCon.

It took hours of walking just to see everything. I met many people who knew me (but for the life of me I couldn't recall most of their names). Greg Young, formerly of Star Trek Winnipeg but now into Medieval Times was there with his wife. A researcher in medicine was there with his entire family, all dressed as Superman/woman/boy/girl/baby. Tony my masseur was there buying boxes of comics. Tons of people, all with bags of "neat stuff" under their arms.

Of course, I succumbed. But it was all honest and innocent. There were several Marvin the Martian toys and items I didn't have in my collection. They were calling to me. Really. ("Chris, you come over here and buy me, or you'll make me very angry... VERY angry indeed!")

Bets score of the day: a matching Frankenstein monster and Bride of Frankenstein in their original boxes, 12" high each. My wife loved them. Our kids think we look exactly like them.

We didn't buy the life-size Yoda.
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