Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The British UFO Files and the media

The announcement this week of Britain's latest release of UFO files made a bigger splash in the media than I had thought. It made headlines and was the end-of-newscast story on most major TV news programs the day the files were released. And the news anchors were predicable. "Little Green Men?" questioned one. "Martians over England?" quipped another. It was all very amusing. The stock video they used with the story showed an endless stream of mostly fake or explained cases.

The images accompanying the online stories were just as remarkable for their inanity. The drawing of the woman who believed herself to be an "alien warrior princess" ran with the text in many online sources. This, despite the fact that the text most often was about one or more pilot UFO encounters, most of which were left unexplained by the Ministry of Defence.

Indeed, out of the thousands of pages of UFO reports released this time around, most were dull, ordinary lights in the sky. A few were really good cases like radar/visual or other good observer cases. There was even the remarkable case of the USAF pilot who was scrambled to chase and intercept a UFO over England in 1970, only to crash into the ocean. His body was never found.

But heck, let's focus on the handful of silly stories in the files instead.
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