Monday, September 22, 2008


UFO reports

I had a call this morning from a security guard who was going to work at 8:30 pm last night, driving just west of Beausejour, Manitoba. The guard saw 5 orange lights, none of them flashing or flickering, moving in the sky in erratic paths but generally going SE to NW. She watched them for several minutes and then even stopped two other cars on the highway to point the objects out to the other drivers. They all watched for a while and the objects eventually "took off" to the NW out of sight.

Then this afternoon, I received the following email:

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 13:37:40 -0400
Subject: Possible UFO Sighting

A concerned citizen from Postville, Newfoundland wanted to report seeing lights flying very low and fast, just above the Postville Hill. She said the lights were very low and fast in the distance. The caller’s name is XXXXXXX, and can be reached at XXXXXXX. She called to ask whether it could be extraterrestrial activity. The caller reported seeing this phenomena last night September 21, 2008. She left her phone number in case of any other questions concerning the event. XXX contacted us at about 11:00 this morning to inform us.

Aviation Operations Centre
Transport Canada


I called her Monday afternoon. She said that about 2 am this morning (Monday, September 22, 2008), she had got up to let her dogs out when she heard a rumbling noise outside. It seemed as though it moved over her house. She went outside and saw what she thought at first was a plane, with a red light in front and yellow lights behind it. She grabbed her “scope” – a small telescope for spotting while hunting – and looked at the object through it. She said it looked like a “worm.” She had trouble explaining how that was so. She watched it for about 10 minutes as it flew E over Post Hill, and towards the ocean. It vanished into the distance and she went back in her house to go back to bed.
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