Monday, September 22, 2008


More witnesses to Beausejour UFO

I received another phone call from a couple who had also seen the same objects over Beausejour on Saturday night, September 20, 2008. Shortly after 8 pm, they were in their home in the town, looking out the window when they saw four bright yellow objects in a straight row high in the west. Two dimmer and smaller lights were "in front" of the four. As they watched, the two small lights vanished and the four maneuevered in the sky to form a diamond shape. they then rearranged again to form a row. Two more lights appeared, much brighter than the four, and climbed rapidly into the sky and disappeared. The four then slowly moved towards the north, seeming to climb as well, and disappeared too. The entire sighting lasted about 20 minutes. One of the witnesses said he was very familiar with aircraft, and that these lights did not appear to be on any aircraft.

So, with three confirmed witnesses and several others still to come forward, it seems as though there was something in the sky over western Manitoba on Saturday night.
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