Friday, September 26, 2008


Beausejour, continued

I received yet another call from more witnesses to the Beausejour UFO of September 20th. This time, at about 8:25 pm, witnesses just east of the town saw four orange lights proceeding one at a time across the sky from E to W, eventually six to eight of them being visible at one time. They did not appear to be aircraft, and they did not display a strobe light or typical wingtip lights as seen on other craft flying overhead. The witnesses say that when they reached a point in the north, two of the lights stopped in mid-flight abruptly and shot off to the north while the others proceeded to the W.

I checked with the Winnipeg airport, and learned that there was "nothing unusual" in the air at the time of this sighting. The airport did say that this time of the evening is one of the busiest times for flights, so there were many aircraft in the general area at the time.

While there is obviously overwhelming evidence that something was flying over Beausejour that night, we have no proof it was anything unusual beyond conventional aircraft. It's very odd that people who are used to seeing aircraft would all report seeing something extraordinary at the same time, however.

Wonder what the heck it was?
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