Wednesday, August 27, 2008


UFO video investigation and analysis

I had a call from a woman yesterday who is the mother of a teenager who shot some footage of a UFO on August 2 near Powerview, MB. It's on Youtube (search: Sagkeeng UFO) and he had offered it to APTN and other TV stations but they were apparently not interested. Until I intervened.

The video and its story are interesting. The clip on Youtube shows a definitely spherical object that is not a lens reflection or artefact (for once). It is so bright that it even reflects on the water. In addition, there is a small light below it that shifts from the right of the main object to the left during the clip. The main object, however, seems to be Jupiter, although the witnesses (all eight of them) insist the object was in the W not the SW, and that Jupiter was off to the higher left out of the frame. This would make sense since that's where Jupiter is right now at the time the video was taken, about 11:30 pm.

The witnesses say that the UFO moved around swiftly then took off across the water. It was also in view only a few minutes.

All of this tends to rule out Jupiter, although I'd still like to get an accurate direction for the object on video, and have the witnesses point out Jupiter to me. What causes some concern is that some witnesses say that the UFO (or one like it) returns to the same spot and is seen every few nights or so. This sounds suspiciously like Jupiter again.

The video was shown at the end of the CKY TV newscast yesterday, and led to some discussion among the news anchors. This morning, I got an email from someone who was on vacation in Trail BC this summer and filmed a UFO too. Unfortunately, it's on a Super 8, not a digital image.
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