Thursday, August 14, 2008


Photos from the Weird Vacation

So, here's a few photos from the "Weird Vacation" through Wisconsin and Minnesota.
First, a sunset viewed from our wonderful room at our secret location on the south shore of Lake Superior. Ahhh.

And now the weird stuff. We successfully found the World's Largest Badger, in a small town east of Wasau, Wisconsin. It's guarding a strip club. Really. That's my gorgeous wife Donna getting up close and personal with it.

And in Fargo, North Dakota, we visited the Space Aliens Grill & Bar, where we ate great food and played "Whack-an-Alien."

We also visited Glensheen, a supposedly haunted castle north of Duluth, and traveled over several roads and bridges where according to "Weird Wisconsin," ghosts have been observed.

And now, back to normality.

Such as it is.
Comments: the alien marquee!
Need to put one like that on my office building...I am down the road from Wright Pat. Too cool!

Thanks for sharing... :)

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