Friday, July 25, 2008


Edgar Mitchell, Part 2: And now for the bad news...

Our book collections are amazing. Between my wife's massive collection of critical science and epistemological works (she has all of Carl Sagan's works, Penn & Teller, Houdini, etc.) and my collection of UFO/paranormal books, we cover the waterfront.

So, when I read the UK Guardian article about Edgar Mitchell's UFO revelation and his claim that he was cured of kidney cancer by an action-at-a-distance healer named Adam Dreamhealer, light bulbs went on. My wife dug out her copy of Adam Dreamhealer's first book in which he describes his "mentoring" by Edgar Mitchell. In fact Mitchell is quoted throughout the book and praises Adam (a Canadian) for his ability to manipulate energy at the quantum level with his mind, curing people of their diseases simply by thinking about them, even if they live on the other side of the world.


Then I dug out my copy of Mitchell's book Psychic Exploration, basically a compendium of papers by other researchers on psychic phenomena. It also has some nice things to say about Uri Geller.

Oy again.

So when Mitchell makes the claim that he knows that aliens are visiting Earth, his history of association with paranormal investigators will provide more fuel for debunkers to deride his statements.

So do we believe Edgar Mitchell, who had an amazing spiritual conversion on his way back from walking on the Moon? Or should he be dismissed as yet another voice in the wilderness?
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