Monday, June 02, 2008


Writers' Association Conference

I was invited to speak at the annual conference of the Professional Writers' Association of Canada, held at the Fairmont in Winnipeg. I would guess that about 100 or so people came from across Canada to hear panels on how to see stories, to whom, and to network. As I'm not a member, I didn't get the entire conference experience, but I was paired with Doug Whiteway on Saturday afternoon to speak on "Writing About the Unexplained." This was a bit odd as Doug writes mystery novels, mostly about the Royal Family, and I wasn't sure how the stretch worked. Nevertheless, we worked well as a tag-team and the room was full. I spent some time talking with Maureen Nadin, an astronomy columnist from Thunder Bay, Sheila Jones, whose book on the private lives of scientists has just been published to good national reviews, and Bill Zuk of AVRO Arrow (and saucer) fame.

I also filed my review of the new James Bond novel by Sebastian Faulks, and am told it will appear next weekend.

And yes, I am still slugging away at the 2007 Canadian UFO Survey.
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