Friday, June 27, 2008


"Silly Season" has officially begun

And you wonder why the topic of UFOs isn't taken seriously by the scientific community. Oy.

In his latest book, Stan Friedman makes the blunt statement that SETI is a cult, and that its adherents are "silly." (His term.)

Today, I was reading through the latest UFO-related news by my loyal and trustworthy knowbot "Binky," and read the following missive from (headed by Alfred Webre):

VANCOUVER, B.C. - My Vancouver-based colleague Jon Kelly
[] is an expert at backwards speech analysis,
and he has been my guest on several radio programs at Vancouver Coop
Radio CFRO 102.7 FM [], discussing
applications of backward speech analysis to current events.


Jon Kelly now raises a key question for Exopolitics in his recent
American Chronicle interview (below), when he is asked:

"RNN: You have listened backwards to the speeches of people
describing contact with space craft from other civilizations. What
did you find out?

"KELLY: When President Jimmy Carter told reporters late last year
that he didn't think flying saucers were the vehicles of space people
visiting the earth, I played his speech in reverse and heard the
words "Saucer. Went out naked. Going out. They'll put it in him".
Although it was part of his campaign promise, this message made me
wonder if the President had more personal reasons for sending Alfred
Webre to SRI in the 1970's in order to release the government's
secret research on extraterrestrials. From my reading of the message
it describes Carter as a potential abductee."

So there we have it. According to an expert on backwards masking and other esoteric and New Age practices, Jimmy Carter was anally probed by aliens.

Oh, and just in case someone asks: Yes, I really do own a tinfoil hat. It's presently resting just a few feet away from me in my study as I type this, along with my collection of Marvin the Martian parephrenalia.
Stan's comment about SETI being a cult is rather silly, although he has somewhat of a point because of the hundreds of thousands of SETI@Home people staring at their computers waiting to get a signal.
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