Friday, June 06, 2008


CSETI and how to psychically contact aliens

Apparently, for only $995 (not including airfare) anyone can sign up for this year's CSETI summer camp to learn how to contact aliens via telepathy. In addition, Steven Greer will relate his own experiences with "vectoring" UFOs to respond to his mental commands, and he will offer training in getting in tune with the universe.

Tell you what. For a quarter of that, I can put you up in a guest room and teach you UFO investigation and research techniques, and drive out for a day trip and horseback adventure to visit the Michalak UFO site in Whiteshell Provincial Park. That could even include doing a Morgan Spurlock and eating at McDonalds for the week, if you wanted. If you really wanted, you could try using your psychic powers to keep bears away while you visited the site.

Or better yet, save your money. UFO investigation and research could be officially dead, if the CSETI camp gets sold out, as it probably will.
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