Thursday, May 29, 2008


David Cherniack's UFO documentary

A post to UFO Updates (via Errol Bruce-Knapp) by Stuart Miller contained a pre-release screening review of Cherniack's new UFO documentary. It's due out in July, aired on the Canadian History Channel. Miller liked what he saw, and opined that the UFO doc was one of the best he had ever seen. He had only one other observation, and that was that at one point, he nearly "yelled at" Jerry Clark of CUFOS for some comment.

Cherniack came to Manitoba two years ago when he was filming his movie, and my fiancee and I accompanied him to Falcon lake where he filmed the site of the 1967 Michalak UFO encounter. It involved rugged cross-country horseback riding with a pack horse for camera equipment to reach the site, but it was a neat expedition.

Apparently, I didn't say anything too provocative on camera that would make Miller want to yell at me.

Maybe next time.

I emailed Cherniack about Miller's note, and he responded that Miller had seen it when he privately screened it in Nottingham recently. The film may also be previewed in Toronto within the next month or so.

Congratulations to David on the first semi-review of his new film!
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