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Quebec UFO Case

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I have been following up a case which was reported last week regarding an unusual, structured craft that was seen in Northern Quebec on Monday, May 9, 2005, between 11:25 pm and 11:45 pm. (In fact, the location was near the Arctic Circle.) I have spoken with the primary witness, who is a government official, and am respecting this person's discomfort with full public disclosure.

This is the witness' narrative:

"I was out nightsky watching like I usually am on clear nights when
suddenly I realized there was an object that had appeared and was already quite low. I would say that it was about 2000 to 3000 feet from the ground and moving very slowly at approximately 30 km/h. The object was quite big, it reminded me of a barge on the bottom but barges are usually rectangular and this was circular on the bottom. Above that, on the middle part of it, there was a part protruded out from the rest of the object. Above this protruded part were its lights which were huge and red and orange/yellow
and each looked like it had its own rotating luminence. These lights were square with rounded corner shaped but were not shining on anything in particular. I could see at least five lights but I knew there were more going all the way around that part of the object.

"The lights were illuminating the top part just enough for me to be able to tell that this part was at least the same length as the center and bottom parts together. The colour from what I could see of the object was grey. It did not make any noise. From where I first saw it, it moved slowly descending lower in altitude. I was dumbstruck and then finally remembered to go in my house to phone my nightsky watching friend to tell her to check this out. She did go outside after I called her and told me she saw the same thing. The object was flying Northeast along the river. After I phoned my friend I came back out to my back porch but by that
time, my house was already blocking my view of it. The only other movement of objects that I saw that night were much much higher than this big one that I saw."

The witness told me that only a few aircraft visit this remote community, and that there was no scheduled flight at this time according airport personnel.

I persisted in suggesting to the witness hat perhaps this may have been an unscheduled aircraft, but, "This was not an aircraft!" was the definitive reply.

A second, independent witness also observed the object, from a vantage point about 1/4 mile away from the primary witness. They did compare notes and discussed their observation, and are both certain that what they saw was not a conventional craft. The object could also not have been a star, planet, balloon, meteor or other natural phenomena, based on the information given. The second witness was of the opinion that the sighting lasted about half an hour as the object moved ponderously across the
river towards the Northeast, eventually dropping below the horizon out of sight.

Investigations are continuing.

Brian Vike told me he received this case as well, although I'm not sure from where. The witness told me I was the only person who had called as of last night. Furthermore, the witness was not comfortable with going public with this, being a government official. I have been careful not to identify this person. However, I suspect this person's identity will be publicized soon; I hope there isn't a ramification in some way.
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