Wednesday, May 04, 2005


First post

Welcome to the Ufology Research bLog! This forum is for the (hopefully) reasonable discussion of news and events, cases and sightings, reports and theories regarding the field of ufology and UFOs.

UFORUM seemed an appropriate name and was similar enough to UFOROM, the original acronym for Ufology Research of Manitoba.

This is an experiment; we'll see how well this goes.

Good luck!
Well, nothing from anyone else yet.

I'm meeting today with Scott Young, director of the Planetarium, to discuss some joint projects in UFO report sharing. He was a teenage member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Winnipeg Centre when I was president. Nice gig he ended up with! He's a nice guy, knows his astronomy and is pretty open minded when it comes to ufology, being responsive to public interest.

I also received a few calls during the past couple of days from UFO witnesses. I'll write these up soon. Oh, and a guy from Moosehorn is bringing some "magnetic rocks" to Winnipeg to have me look at them. He claims he watched a bright object fall onto the frozen lake a few years ago and he went to some effort to retrieve them from the water. A fellow in the town who's seen them doesn't think they're meteorites but this guy is driving down with them today. Maybe Scott has an idea what to do with them, too.
Hey Chris,

Welcome to Bloggaria.

I hope to have you as a contributor to the UFO Blog Coalition.

Be looking for your invite.
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