Monday, May 16, 2005


Current UFO Sightings Status

Ufology Research
Talking with Geoff Dittman today, we reviewed the latest tally of UFO sightings across Canada. I haven't entrered the data into the database yet, but a physical count of 2005 cases puts the number at 150 for the months January, February and March. That's 50/month.

At this rate, a projection would be that we'll have 600 cases by year's end, significantly down from 2004. Other Canadian ufologists have noted that numbers are down, and this data confirms it.

It's difficult to say what will have for the next three quarters of the year, but unless things pick up, we're looking at the first significant decrease in case numbers in several years. If this is what pans out, we'll have to start coming up with some reasons why this would be so.

I was surprised to see Vincente Juan Ballester-Olmos was also left off the list.
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