Sunday, July 28, 2019


Aliens versus Ghosts in a Half-Court Press

There are a lot of people excited about Area 51 these days. At last count, there could be as many as two million people who claim on social media that they will "Storm Area 51."

My guess is that it will be a drizzle.

MJ Banias and I talked about this recently, and discussed the possibility that instead of a mass protest at the gates, it might turn into another Woodstock or Burning Man event, celebrating everything UFO-ish in Nevada.

My personal preference, however, would be for a revival of the Great American Pastime: a baseball game.

You see, forgotten among the Area 51 brouhaha is the fact that in 2001 (appropriately), the farm team for the San Diego Padres moved to Las Vegas, beginning an affiliation with the LA Dodgers. Because of the new location, a new branding was required, and someone thought of incorporating the new team with the local UFO stories.

The Las Vegas 51s became the new AAA farm team, with an alien as its logo and a mascot named Cosmo.

Of course Cosmo looked like Jar Jar Binks. What did you expect?

Nevertheless, I supported the team as best I could.

In 2009, they became the farm team of the Toronto Blue Jays, where I first learned about them. They even made it to the Division Final one year. In 2013, they were bounced to the Mets after a deal with no less than Howard Hughes Corporation. But in 2019, they were rebranded once again as a farm team for the Oakland A's and became the Aviators, somewhat more down-to-earth.

So, alas, there is currently no pro or AAA sports team near Area 51.

However, there is hope.

In 2017, actor.rapper Ice Cube spearheaded the creation of BIG3, a new, half-court basketball league that would feature some of the best players from the NBA. None of the twelve teams would have a "home court" as such, but would play in venues across the USA. The closest they would play to vegas would be in Utah, although the championship game is in Los Angeles.

Why is this relevant? Because one of team is named the Aliens

With Coach Nate Archibald (Celtics star guard) and Center Andre Owens, formerly with the Jazz and Pacers, the aliens are unfortunately not doing well in the league. In fact, they are just below another team, the Ghost Ballers, in the standings. 

Nevertheless, on July 21, 2019, the Aliens beat the Ghost Ballers 51-35 playing in Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.

[Aside: Maybe there should be an all-Fortean sports league.]

So my suggestion is simple: more alien and UFO-themed sports teams. 

It can only help the Disclosure Movement. After all, if millions of sports fans can get turned on to aliens and UFOs, that will do more than all the short and inaccurate news segments on mainstream TV news programs.

You're welcome.



A ufological first: a disc-shaped UFO over over Canada, with an interesting twist

I usually don't look through the current year's UFO reports in great detail until after December, when I begin the arduous process of sorting, coding, and entering the data into the Canadian UFO Survey database. Sometimes, as a case comes to my attention, and it seems to need further study or examination, I pull it out and act on it accordingly.

Since most UFO reports aren't like that, it's not something that happens very often. And especially when a case obviously has a simple explanation, like a "green orb" photo by someone taking a picture towards the Sun, or a starlike light high in the sky that turns out to be, well, a star.

So when I saw an entry in UFO Stalker about a recent report from northern Quebec, it didn't immediately strike me as all that interesting. 

It's case number 101921 in the MUFON listing.

On July 10, 2019, at about 11:30 pm local time, a witness was traveling by plane from Los Angeles to the UK, flying high over Canada on a standard great circle route. According to his calculations, he was over the general area of Killiniq Island at the tip of Labrador. (It's actually part of Nunavut.) He happened to look out his cabin window and saw a dark circular object somewhat below the plane and some distance away. He lost sight of it and then saw a second object he thought:

looked like a flying saucer with a dome shape in the middle of the craft. silver in color it stood out against the white of the cloud cover behind it. the saucer was just sitting there not moving. there were no lights on it, no markings. it just hovered there as we passed by. 

He grabbed his phone and began taking a video:

i was able to get video but the turbulence of the aircraft made it a tad difficult to focus and the camera zoom isn't the greatest. my eyes on it confirmed it was there. regardless of the video i saw it and would testify it was a flying saucer hovering there with other one at roughly the same altitude but further from our plane. they were both just hovering there, no movement, no lights.

By itself, the photo does indeed appear to show a disc-shaped object, but it's impossible to judge its distance or size.

However, the video provided by the witness is much more revealing. When the camera zooms out so we can see the entire cabin window, we can also see the horizon, and realize that the disc-shaped object is much lower than the plane.

In fact, it's on the ocean.

This was indeed a first for me: a UFO that can be explained as... an iceberg.


Tuesday, July 02, 2019


Happy World UFO Day!

Happy World UFO Day!

July 2 has been designated World UFO Day. It commemorates the date in 1947 when a flying saucer was said to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

Canadians from coast to coast can celebrate World UFO Day by visiting some UFO-related points of interest either in person or online!

Visit the Shag Harbour UFO Museum in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia
On October 4, 1967, many witnesses, including RCMP, saw a bright object fall into the ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia. The case, often called “Canada’s Roswell,” is supported by actual government and military documents from the National Archives that detail the official investigation and efforts to recover whatever it might have been. Local residents even commemorate the incident with an annual UFO Festival, and there’s a nearby museum and a sign at a park along the highway near where it happened.

Have a swim in the rooftop pool at Place Bonaventure in Montreal, Quebec
On November 7, 1990, at 7:20 pm, several people enjoying a swim in the rooftop pool of Place Bonaventure saw an object hovering over the hotel, seeming emanating green and yellow beams of light. It stayed over the hotel for over an hour, during which time many more people observed it, including the Montreal Chief of Police and a newspaper reporter arrived to observe and photograph it.

Ride on horseback to a UFO landing site at Falcon Lake, Manitoba
On May 20, 1967, Stefan Michalak was doing some amateur prospecting north of Falcon Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park. He encountered a flying saucer that seemed to land on a rock outcropping near him. He walked up to it and was burned by its exhaust when it took off. The case was investigated by the RCMP, Canadian Forces and even the United States Air Force, which considered it “Unexplained.” Today, you can get a t-shirt commemorating the event in Falcon Lake, and the local riding stable offers guided “UFO Rides” to the site where it occurred.

Visit the St. Paul UFO Landing Pad and Museum in St. Paul, Alberta
“The World’s First UFO Landing Pad” was built in 1967 as a Canadian Centennial Project. In the 1990s, the saucer-shaped platform had fallen into disrepair (from apparent lack of use) and was restored. Later, a UFO museum added as well and a UFO conference was held there a few times. Queen Elizabeth visited the pad in 1978, and Mother Theresa herself visited it in 1982.

Enjoy a rest stop at Eve River, BC
On October 8, 1981, Hannah McRoberts and her family were driving from Campbell River, BC, to visit relatives in Holberg, on the northwest tip of Vancouver Island. They had stopped at Eve River, a Provincial rest area, at about 11:00 am, and were admiring the scenery when their attention was drawn to an odd cloud surrounding a mountain peak. Roberts took a photo of the peak and thought nothing of it until she had the film developed some time later and noticed on the photo a metallic saucer-shaped object over the mountain. The photo was analysed by several experts who did not have an explanation.

And above all (pun intended), have a Happy World UFO Day!


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