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UFO Report Checklist for Witnesses

UFO Report Checklist

This UFO Report Checklist is only intended to be a guide; the widely different nature of various UFO sightings requires a flexible approach from investigators. Nonetheless, the following guide should provide basic data that will help investigators understand what you have seen and experienced.

1. Date, time (GMT or local time), and your exact location at the time the UFO(s) was/were observed, including the nearest town or city. (Google Maps can be very useful in this regard; ideally, coordinates acquired via a hand-held GPS if possible when investigator visits site). 

2. Compass direction of object(s) when first and last seen (ideally, exact bearings should be taken onsite).

3. Any irregularities of the above flightpath (stops, direction changes etc.).

4. Elevation of object(s) when first and last seen (e.g. 30°, 60°, 90°, etc.)(Again, exact readings on site are preferred.)

5. Duration of sighting and method used to estimate this (guess, clock, stopwatch, etc.).

6. Description of weather conditions (especially cloud cover, wind speed, temperature and any unusual features).

7. If it was dark, were the stars or the Moon visible? If so, what was the Moon's phase?

8. If it was daylight, where was the Sun in relation to the object(s)?

9. Description of the object(s): shape, colour, size (compared to known object or as measure of a coin held at arm's length, or was it “like a star?”).

10. Description of any sound heard.

11. Did the object(s) look: sharp, solid, metallic, fuzzy?

12. Brightness of object(s) (compared to the full Moon).

13. Any changes in any of the above features during the sighting. 

14. Manner of appearance and disappearance of the object(s).

15. Manner of movement compared with: aircraft, rocket, balloon.

16. Did the object(s) cause any effects on the environment or on you?

17. Were you observing through any form of glass, or window, or instrument?

18. What identifiable object did it most resemble, and why was it not this object?

19. Your name, address, age, occupation and special interests.

20. Any physical defects (e.g. hearing, eyesight).

21. Do you have any experience in observing aircraft, satellites etc.?

22. Have you read any books or magazines about UFOs or related phenomena?

23. What were your feelings experienced before and after the experience?

24. Did you notice anything unusual about your surroundings during the 

25. Have you seen any strange objects in the past?

26. Have you had any strange experiences in the past?

27. To whom was the object reported, and why to this person or organization in particular?

28. Did you talk to anyone about the sighting before the interview, and if so, what reaction did you get?

29. What were your feelings about the object whilst viewing it?

30. How do you feel about it now?

Please email your sighting report to Ufology Research at:

Please provide your contact information so that we may be able to follow-up with you if necessary. Your information is confidential.


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