Monday, December 03, 2012


My predictions for December 21, 2012: The Mayan Catastrophes

Are you ready for my 2012 "Mayan Predictions?"

Okay, Niburu isn't about to hit, the magnetic poles won't reverse and the galactic "alignment" will come and go.

But there will be at least one "calamity" on Earth either on December 21 or a day or two before or after, that will be claimed as the "Mayan prediction" coming true. This might be a small-to-medium earthquake in North America or along the Pacific Rim of Fire. Since there are earthquakes along this region every day, this isn't much of a prediction.

UFOs will be reported somewhere on Earth on December 21. The sightings will be described as a "mass" event, even if only one or two are observed. Since sightings are reported at a rate of 2 or 3 each day in Canada, and 10 to 15 each day elsewhere around the world, this prediction will definitely come true.

Finally, to hedge the bet even more, there could even be a major stock downturn that day. After all, we're nearing a "fiscal cliff," right?

There could be a major loss of life in a war-torn region of the world on December 21.

But none of this means the Mayans were right.

It simply means life on Earth is just as messed up as it has always been, and just as fragile.


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