Thursday, December 22, 2011


Amazing video of UFO over Ontario! Oh, wait...

Checking out some UFO websites, I saw that a report from 2009 was just posted on the MUFON site. It had a fairly lengthy description, with an accompanying video.

After watching the video, I must admit I'm amazed. Mostly because IT'S AN AIRCRAFT!

Good lord. You can see the flashing navigation lights and everything.

And the video:

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Some interesting recent Canadian UFO cases

During the month of November, I have received and gathered a significant number of Canadian UFO reports, although as I've stated often in this blog, the number of reports this year is down from last year. It remains to be seen how much difference there will be.

However, I have sifted through the batch and will summarize some of the more interesting ones here:

November 3, 2011    7:30 pm     Scarborough Bluffs, ON
This one is interesting simply because it's so typical of the reports that come in. Low in content and quality, yet it's possible to suggest an explanation anyway. "It's been coming and going all night. East of the Scarborough Bluffs over the water. Due east. Sometime ones. Sometimes two. Sometimes three. They just sit there, then disappear, then reappear." Due east from Scarborough Bluffs is the entire length of Lake Ontario. The atmospheric refraction is intense, so I'd say boats. Or if we're talking slightly elevated, then perhaps stars. (Vike)

November 5, 2011    12:45 pm    Toronto, ON
White, blimp-like object with bands or rings around the centre, which seemed "elevated slightly from the surface." The object was thought to be at about 5,000 ft altitude. Originally, the witness thought it was a Porter Airlines Bombardier aircraft, but decided that the object did not show the correct markings or wings. (MUFON)

November 7, 2011   6:15 pm    Kitchener, ON
Starlike object seen and photographed often through the course of a year. "I thought it was a star but noticed it changes colours." NB: that's what stars do when they twinkle. "It would stay out for two and a half hours." NB: that's what stars do. The witness didn't provide any directions or altitude, so we can't determine which star or planet is the culprit. Nice jiggled trail photo of starlike UFO, though. (MUFON)

November 8, 2011   7:32 pm    Sudbury, ON
V-shaped formation of dim amber lights flew overhead in a straight line west to east. Transited in about seven seconds. Estimated altitude 1000 feet and completely silent. (MUFON)

November 9, 2011   9:30 pm    Corner Brook, NF
two witnesses watched a red object moving across the sky. No dunning lights or blinking lights were visible, unlike an airplane which was also in the sky at the same time. The UFO was seen for 10 minutes, occasionally "correcting" its flight path before it suddenly vanished.  (Vike)

November 11, 2011   7:00 pm   Montreal, PQ
Video of distant lights taken through windshield of car moving on Route 40 heading east towards downtown Montreal. Probable explanation: aircraft over Montreal? (Vike)

November 17, 2011   7:30 pm   Ottawa, ON
Another V-shaped set of lights. These ones were blinking and moving below cloud cover, estimated to be about 1500 feet in altitude. They were seen for about 10 minutes. When they disappeared, flashes of coloured lights could be seen intermittently in the area. They were thought not to be fireworks, and not in the direction of any casinos. (UFOINFO)

November 20, 2011   11:20 pm    Norman Wells, NT
Red light appeared over treeline, due east. No sound. Vanished below treeline. Thought not to be plane, since no planes usually fly in the area that late at night. (MUFON)

November 20, 2011   8:35 pm   Wawota, SK
A reporter and journalist wrote a very detailed personal account of an odd formation of lights he had seen in the sky. In his opinion, it was not an0 aircraft of any kind. Reported to MUFON, but also posted on the witness' own blog:

November 23, 2011   8:30 pm    London, ON
Lengthy description of personal encounter with "distortions in the outside world." Mental effects, sounds, physical effects, "somatic pressure on my body," all while walking in a forest. Several lights and glowing effect witnessed. (MUFON)

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