Thursday, October 07, 2010


UFOs and Canadian Pilots?

"As a matter of fact, I just had a phone call about an hour ago..."

This morning, I did a short radio interview (about five minutes) with 570 News in Kitchener, Ontario. It was in the middle of a longer segment on UFOs during which Robert Hastings was a guest talking about last week's story that UFOs had been seen over US nuclear plants and had been seen on many occasions by military pilots.

Hastings had been asked about UFOs seen by Canadian pilots but wasn't able to give enough of an answer so the host asked me. By coincidence, I had "breaking news."

Just about an hour before I was called by the radio station, I had a call from a commercial pilot who had seen some UFOs last night. He said that he lives under the flight path of aircraft in Winnipeg and is familiar with how they appear. He explained that last night (October 6, 2010) at about 10:20 pm, he was in his back yard, looking up and saw three bright lights in a linear formation moving in the northeast. He said they were brighter than the stars in Cassiopeia, which they were passing underneath. They were at about 60 degrees elevation and an estimated 3,000 feet altitude, and flew from NE to NNE in a matter of six or eight seconds.

I checked the satellite ephemerides for last night and nothing came up in that location and time. No Iridiums, either.

The pilot said that he had "never seen anything before this in all my years of flying." He thought they were geese migrating, but they were too bright, not wavering in flight, fast and made no noise. It was a perfectly clear night, with no clouds at all. Before and after the UFOs there had been both flights of geese and aircraft overhead, but these three objects were not like those at all.

So yes, pilots do see and report UFOs.

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My husband and I saw an anomaly in the sky on the same night, although it was earlier, between 8:05 - 8:10. We are in the NE part of Wpg, and it was also moving in a NE direction. The object was an orb that was not emitting light, but it was lit. It was reddish orange and did not flash or blink or waver. We watched it for approximately 2-3 minutes until it disappeared from sight. It moved in a straight line. I am not a good judge of how high an object is in the sky, unfortunatly.
Please feel free to comment back if you want to know anything else.
Thanks, Melissa! Your report of your observation is appreciated!
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