Wednesday, July 29, 2009


More recent Canadian UFO reports

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July 17, 2009, was significant in Canadian ufology, as three different sightings were reported from across the country. First, at 3:30 am, a woman in Edmonton saw a “dot of light” moving across the sky “too fast and too high up to be an airplane.” The object looked like a star, sped up, slowed down, danced erratically, then came to a stop. Then it resumed it course, then made a sharp turn, zig-zagged, all the time getting further away and higher in the sky. “It glided across the sky like a mouse cursor.”
Then, at about 11 pm, a boy in Keremeos, BC, saw several lights moving about the sky, continuing until about 3am the next morning. Meanwhile, in Lachine, Quebec, at 11:30 pm, a man and his wife saw an oval object zig-zagging quickly and disappearing in about 10 seconds.

On July 22, at about 10:10 pm, a witness and his girlfriend were walking in a western part of Winnipeg when they saw an orange ball of light seemingly over a backyard behind a house they were near. It glowed “like something was on fire,” then rose up over the transmission lines. It was “perceptually very weird” because the object looked nearby but suddenly shifted in space and within minutes had receded until it was only a star in the sky. “We will never forget it!” said the witness.

On July 24 a witness was on a balcony in Penticton in the central part of British Columbia looking at the sky when she saw a boomerang-shaped object at a distance estimated to be about 5 to 10 miles away. The object was SW of the witness and heading north. It had no visible tail or wings, but had two lights under the “tip and the middle” of the object. It disappeared behind some clouds after about 15 seconds but never re-emerged. (Reported to MUFON)

In addition, there were three reports from Quebec all on July 25. The first was a light bouncing about the sky for 3 seconds at 20:45 pm over Sherbrooke, the second a bright fireball at 10:31 pm over Drummondville, and a green band of light in the sky that was briefly visible through a hole in the clouds, at about 10:28 pm, also over Sherbrooke. Funny how we get groupings of reports like July 17 and 25. These were reported to OVNI Alerte.

Friday, July 03, 2009


"This could be it," say UFO researchers

I had a brief online chat with Grant Cameron this morning. He's at the Roswell UFO fest in New Mexico, and is scheduled to speak later this weekend. He attended last night's lecture by Don Schmitt and Tom Carey and said he was dumbfounded. He said the major revelation is that a piece of "mystery metal" may have been recovered from a UFO crash site. This is the stuff that has been described by several people who claimed to have handled the debris - a tinfoil-like substance that unfolded back into its original shape after being crumpled or bent. If this is true (and verified), then this would tend to support the idea that something strange really did crash near Roswell back in 1947.

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