Friday, July 25, 2008


The astronaut and the UFO

So Edgar Mitchell was on an Australian radio show this week, and stated matter-of-factly that aliens are visiting Earth and UFOs are real. This wasn't breaking news to ufologists because he stated the same thing in the forward to Stanton Friedman's new book Flying Saucers and Science, which came out last month. But the tape has been getting some play - although mostly negative, as newscasters are doing their usual giggling and grinning about how silly UFOs are when they stick the comments at the end of their newscasts.

Skeptics, of course, simply point out that Mitchell is entitled to his "opinion" and that as everyone knows, there is no evidence that alien spacecraft are visiting Earth. But here's the paradox; other astronauts have made statements contradicting Mitchell. For example, in 2007, on Larry King, Buzz Aldrin said, "I just can't believe that we would be covering up such a major, significant event as true evidence of being from somewhere else." He thinks, as do most skeptics, that the UFOs reported by astronauts in space were simply debris or parts of other spacecraft. The irony is that this is also simply Aldrin's opinion, and it all depends on whom you believe.

I'll go with W.C.Fields, who once expressed: "A man's got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another drink."
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